ECHO is a non-profit membership based international association dedicated to promoting and advancing the cross-border healthcare industry. They represent the best interests of their members to the European and international legislative and governmental bodies in a manner that is ethical, responsible, and adhering to the highest standards. At ECHO they pride themselves on being at the forefront of the European cross-border healthcare industry, while constantly searching for newer and better ways of serving their members.

Their Mission

The European Cross-Border Healthcare Organization (ECHO) is a European based non-profit association dedicated to providing representation, information and legislative assistance to its members. Their members consist of international healthcare providers, organizations which facilitate the provision of cross-border healthcare private and public bodies who are interested in promoting the industry. ECHO works for its members as a platform for networking and discussion, processing the information necessary for their decision making and representing their interests to government bodies. ECHO is committed to demonstrating the highest level of integrit, responsibility, and transparancy within the industry.

Why Join ECHO?

Given the increasingly complex operations of these new broadened and diversified markets, proper representation and up to date information are crucial. Identifying and promoting the industry's needs are the most important tasks of any organization. They believe that their organization can assist this process by offering the following services to its members:

- Facilitate Association members, (Hospitals, Clinics, Spas, Rehab, Governments, Physicians and other Healthcare Providers, Medical Tourism Facilitators, Insurance Companies, etc.) by providing a forum for them to express their needs regarding cross-border healthcare policy development, implementation, and setting priorities for action.
- Provide networking opportunities for its members, and encourage the free exchange of information and discussion regarding EU policy and all other EU initiatives of interest or concern to their members.
- Provide a forum for all members of the cross-border healthcare industry to come together and develop common positions on European cross-border healthcare.
- Monitor policy areas and ensure that cross-border healthcare issues are included in the EU policy agenda.
- Lobby the EU legislative bodies on behalf of their member organizations, promoting legislation to afford their members a central position in the provision of cross-border healthcare in Europe.
- Raise public awareness and perception of cross-border healthcare.
- Assist in the development of quality standards and practices.
- Become a reference point for the European Commission, European Parliament, and other European institutions as well as - Member States governments and medical tourism professionals when seeking guidance or consultation regarding all aspects of cross-border healthcare.
- Cooperate with other international organizations in joint projects aimed at improving the quality of cross-border healthcare services.

As the first non-profit cross-border healthcare association in Europe, they believe that although ECHO is based in Europe, legislation made in Brussels can be far reaching. For that reason, they encourage membership by non-EU organizations so that they can represent your needs as well.